To create a more equal and just society and to mitigate the worst of climate change we need to think big.

Why stop at abolishing negative gearing and no-fault evictions, why not universal housing and unlimited leases?

Why just demand more renewable energy, why not commit to a national emergency public infrastructure plan to build and own it?

Why not demand an end to all public money for private schooling and a universal right to free TAFE and university?

Why not say it loud and proud, that we will 100% restore the right to strike as a basic freedom for working people?

Why stop at opposing corporate tax cuts, why not a cap on CEO salaries and a billionaire's tax?

Why not go beyond reforms to the childcare rebate and benefit schemes and instead demand universal public childcare?

Let’s protest coal mines, waste, land clearing and development and challenge the system that delivers all these things because it places corporate profit above everything else.

A majority of our target voters want big ideas, they think the system needs major change or should be replaced, so we need to offer more than technocratic tinkering.

If we don’t articulate an alternative vision that demands major change we’re ceding a historic opportunity for economic, social and environmental wins.

The major change voters seek won’t come by focusing solely on small immediate wins, we need a long-term strategy that challenges existing ideas about what people expect. For example housing isn’t currently thought of like health or education as something everyone has a right to. Our aim must be to change this.

Rescuing endangered species cannot be done without addressing the powerful corporate interests that not only rely on exploiting natural resources but also have the support of the major parties.

We need to set out a vision for the future that claims the mantle of economic progress and modernisation for our side of politics. We need to do more than just resisting and defending, and start creating and demanding as well. Politics around the world is breaking apart. The old political consensus is breaking up and the major parties can’t respond because they’ve all been co-opted by corporate interests. In Europe, Green parties that have strayed towards the centre have been punished with electoral insignificance.

There are cracks appearing in a status quo that benefits only self serving corporate and political elites. Instead of just trying to defend what we have left it’s time to get on the front foot and demand a better world.