Demanding fundamental change, driven by all four of the Greens pillars of social justice, grassroots politics, peace and ecological sustainability is not just right in principle, it’s smart politics.

We are lucky to be a party with four pillars. This policy depth means we are able to lead the growing demand for social justice and radical fairness, while saving the planet.

In a world that’s demanding root and branch change to economies, governments and environmental protection, if we limit our campaigning and vision to just one pillar, then we are limiting our party to the political margins.

This is by no means exhaustive list of big ideas. Each idea is supported by Greens policies. Whether or not these or other ideas become the campaigning focus of the party is ultimately a matter for members.

It is members who will eventually decide on our platform and be the backbone of our campaigns.

Brave ideas attract critics, especially from the powerful interest groups who resist change. It is important to remember that these ideas are things that most people want but corporate and political elites are working hard to prevent from becoming a reality. We need to remind people of what is possible.